About On Ramp Indiana – ORI

On-Ramp Indiana, Inc. (ORI.NET) is a family-owned and operated technology company located just north of Indianapolis in Noblesville, Indiana. Founded in 1996 by R. Michael “Mike” LePere (1947-2009), Scott LePere, and Mark LePere, the company has been providing great value to clients in the Indianapolis Metro area for over two decades.

ORI.NET is dedicated to being customer-focused, providing top-notch support to its clients. As a result, the company has experienced consistent growth and now serves thousands of users with its primary services, including fixed wireless broadband, direct fiber access, and data center services such as private cloud servers and colocation.

ORI.NET’s mission-critical network equipment is housed in multiple secure data centers that ensure rapid network access times, with redundant battery backups, generator power, and advanced HVAC controls. The company also utilizes several redundant fiber connections to the internet backbone, delivering high-speed connectivity to local businesses and national interconnect points.

At ORI.NET, we believe that our success is rooted in our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team is always ready to provide the support needed to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being a support-driven company, and our customers can always count on us to provide reliable and efficient services.

ORI.NET is a family-owned, customer-focused, and support-driven technology company that provides great value to its clients with reliable and efficient services.