Office 365 Support

Office 365 Support

Microsoft offers a standard 24/7 support on Microsoft Office 365,  In-addition, we offer advanced technical support. Our sales and support representatives are highly qualified and Microsoft certified Office 365 specialists. We will resolve your Office 365 issue* and answer all related questions.  In order to get additional support, simply contact us via E-Mail –  Our normaly hourly rates apply.
Below are the examples of support cases we can assist you or your IT staff to help resolve.

We solve issues that Microsoft 24/7 support doesn’t:
• Reset Passwords or Forgotten logins
• Data Migration from your old services
• Problems with Microsoft Outlook (repair PST, import/export data, duplicate management);
• Enterprise level Outlook data backup;
• Provision of additional Outlook Add-ins and productivity tools
• A fully certified Microsoft Partner for Office365.

If you don’t get help from Microsoft support, we can also solve Office 365 issues such as:
• Sign-in and authentication for Office 365 services;
• Microsoft Outlook update and configuration;
• Office 365 portal accessibility;
• Domain setup and management of Office 365;
• User management for Office 365;
• Email account policy and individual user mailbox configuration;
• Mobile device connectivity to Office 365;
• Address book and distribution group configuration;
• Outlook Web App management;
• Lync setup and configuration;
• Sharepoint setup;
• User and content issues with Sharepoint.

Setup your Office 365 account to use On-Ramp Indiana, Inc as partner of record, Here is why!

If you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription and you do not have a trusted advisor of a Microsoft Partner, you are not getting the full support that you could. Microsoft will pay a portion of your subscription to a Microsoft Partner to help you support your Office 365 Subscription. IMPORTANT: If you already have a partner of record, then work with them to receive the support you need, if you are not getting the support, then CHANGE your Partner of Record.

Associating your tenant (account) with a Partner is completely optional, but it is recommended so that you can get personalized help when you have a problem or need an issue solved. Assigning a Partner of Record has NO impact on your costs and does not change the services you receive from Microsoft.
With the Professional Plans (P1, P2) there is no phone or ticketed support using the administration portal. The only place to get help is the Office 365 community forums. There are Microsoft paid support personnel that help answer questions, but make sure that your request is specific so that you will get a good answer.

Reason 1 – Do you want a live person to help you with any Office 365 problem? Your Partner that you associate to your account should be your first email or phone call if you want a problem. They will be able to answer your questions or help you get the answer from Microsoft.

Reason 2 – Do you need a person to help you create and set up the tools of Office 365? Your Partner has the skills to get through a deployment quickly. There are many gottchas and planning tips that a partner knows that can save you time in getting your account set up. Things like setting up your Domain, Setting up ADFS to work with you on premise environment or, setting up a SharePoint online environment to enable you to collaborate with internal and external users.

Reason 3 – Do you have a specific person that can administer your account on your behalf? A Partner once associated, can administer your account on your behalf. That means your partner can build out SharePoint Online site collection, manage your Lync Online, can manage your Exchange Online and set up users.
Do you want all this? Then associate your account with a Partner. If you do not have a Partner, ORI.NET is ready to help.  We have tools, techniques and processes to help any Office 365 account be fully utilized to benefit the client.

Can you setup your Office 365 account to use us as partner of record?   Our Partner ID is 608145.   Here is how!

1. Go to Admin > Licensing > Subscriptions.
2. Click the name of the subscription you want to modify.
3. On the Subscription details page, in the right pane under Partner information, click Edit.
4. Click Change.
5. Type the new Microsoft Partner ID for the partner you’re adding, and then click OK. You can get the partner’s Microsoft Partner ID by asking the partner for it.
6. The partner information displays on the Subscription details page.

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