PPPoE Connection Windows 10

PPPoE Connection Setup on Windows 10 Step 1: Click on the search in the bottom left corner and type “Control Panel” click on “Control Panel“ Step 2:  In Control Panel select “Network and Internet“   Step 3:  In Network and Internet select “Network and Sharing Center“ Step 4:  in Network and Sharing Center click on”Set up a New Connection or Network“ Step 5: Select “Connect […]

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Key Internet Terms

KEY INTERNET TERMS   DIAL-UP ACCESS TELEPHONE NUMBER This is the telephone number your modem will automatically dial to connect to the Internet.   LOGIN NAME (USERNAME) This is the name you enter to login to your SLIP or PPP account. This can normally be up to eight characters and case DOES count. i.e. Lucas is different from lucas and LUCAS.   LOGIN PASSWORD This […]

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