The Woodruff Place – Indianapolis, IN

Case Study: Modernizing The Network Infrastructure and Getting High Speed Internet Has The Tenants at Woodruff Place Estatic!

Solution Type: Retrofit


504 Woodruff Place West Dr, Indianapolis, offers a blend of modern amenities, historic charm, and a vibrant neighborhood. Situated in the picturesque Woodruff Place, the property boasts spacious interiors and contemporary features. Residents enjoy proximity to downtown Indianapolis’ attractions, while the serene community offers tree-lined streets, stunning architecture, and a strong sense of camaraderie. A perfect choice for a comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle.


Upgrading broadband at 504 Woodruff Place West Dr, built in 1925, presents challenges due to its dated infrastructure. Older buildings often have limited conduit spaces, making it difficult to run new cables without invasive construction. Additionally, legacy materials and outdated building design can obstruct signal strength, impacting network performance. Modernizing the broadband system in such a historic property requires careful planning, innovative solutions, and balancing the need for high-speed connectivity with preserving the building’s architectural integrity.  Additionally the building was wired using legacy DSL copper lines.

Following a thorough site survey and assessment and we found out that it was virtually impossible to do the Fiber Optic because the building was designated as historical and we limited on what we could do regarding wiring and upgrading the infrastructure. ORI decided the fast and most economical approach to ensure high-speed WiFi connectivity that efficiently covers all areas within the property using Fixed Wireless Broadband.

ORI’s Solution:

The constraint that we had regarding the 21 Units at 504 Woodruff Place, ORI project manager and network engineer decided to use Fixed Wireless Broadband as the best solution for the property.  The scalability, fast deployment, and it was more economical for the owner made wireless broadband our choice of the solution.

Utilizing Fixed Wireless broadband with 802.11ac, or Wi-Fi 5, offers an innovative solution for high-speed internet connectivity without the need for costly wired infrastructure. Operating on the 5 GHz frequency band, this approach delivers superior performance in various environments. Fixed Wireless broadband with 802.11ac enables rapid data transfer rates, enhanced network capacity, and reduced latency, making it ideal for applications demanding seamless wireless connectivity, such as video streaming and online gaming. Supporting channel widths of up to 160 MHz, the technology significantly improves throughput compared to previous standards.

The Results:

By upgrading from DSL to Fixed Wireless broadband using 802.11ac, users can enjoy a more robust and high-performance internet experience, free from the limitations and constraints of traditional wired solutions.  The resident internet speed went from 25Mbs DSL to 75Mbs with ORI Fixed Wirelss Broadband.  Many of the tenants at the property were able enjoy streaming and doing Facetime with their grandkids.

Post-deployment, ORI offers comprehensive tech support for Woodruff’s residents with ORI Managed WiFi, allowing the property management team to focus on other responsibilities. Residents were provided with ORI’s tech support contact number for any assistance required.

Case Study Summary:

By partnering with ORI, a MDU/HOA Internet Provider, The 504 Woodruff  to help retain the property owner from losing their tenants and was able to provide its residents an upgraded internet experience.  Not only did the owner retained his residents, but he also increased his property value going forward.