The Levinson – Noblesville, IND

Case Study: The Levinson – Elevating the Tenant Experience with Fiber-Optic Internet


The Levinson is situated at the epicenter of Noblesville’s bustling downtown area, a mere stone’s throw from the iconic historic square, The Levinson presents an unparalleled urban living experience within a flourishing community. The vibrant Square, recognized as a cultural arts hub, boasts an array of local eateries, fashion boutiques, and vintage stores. Naturally, the renowned Noble Coffee is conveniently located just a block away. One of the key features that set The Levinson apart from other apartment buildings in the area is its fiber-optic internet connection installed by ORI, which provides residents with lightning-fast internet speeds and reliable connectivity.


When The Levinson was first built, the developers knew they wanted to provide residents with the best internet experience. However, they also knew that providing high-speed internet to every unit in the building would be challenging. The building’s location in an urban area meant that traditional internet service providers were not able to provide the speeds and reliability that residents demanded. We were one of many vendors to bid on the project and won it out based on services and pricing for The Levinson. ORI worked hand in hand with the developer on the design of their network infrastructure. The Levinson community is a mid-rise and was built in 2021 and has 5 stories with 84 units.

ORI’s Solution:

Before construction, ORI coordinated with the builder and contractor to ensure proper installation of low-power wiring. The project aimed to provide building-wide managed WiFi6 in all units and common spaces, including the lobby, Fitness center, Coffee bar, Work-from-home lounge, Conference rooms, Pet spa, Outdoor lounge, and dog park areas. ORI designed and implemented a cloud-managed system and switches, and also set up a guest WiFi network for temporary use by visitors and prospective tenants. A 1Gb fiber connection serves as the backbone to the Internet. ORI was granted access to the data closets and successfully activated the network for residents. Given the building’s 5-story height, fiber was deployed from the main data room on the first floor, with redundant fiber connections to each IDF on alternate floors. This allowed residents to connect to the internet at lightning-fast speeds, with up to 1 Gbps download speeds. Alongside conventional battery backup systems, all networking equipment is powered by a site generator, ensuring uninterrupted internet and WiFi calling during power outages.

The Results:

The smooth onboarding of residents resulted in minimal tickets or trouble calls, even for a brand-new deployment. The property-wide WiFi system allows each apartment to have a unique code to join the WiFi, enabling the creation of a secure Private Area Network (PAN) for shared devices and IoT. This allows devices like Apple TVs, Roku, and Alexa to work seamlessly throughout the entire complex while maintaining the security of residents’ information and devices. Since the installation of the fiber-optic network and Wi-Fi6 routers, The Levinson has become one of the most sought-after apartment communities in Downtown Noblesville. The community has seen an increase in occupancy rates, with tenants drawn to the high-speed internet and modern amenities. The fiber-optic internet connection has also positively impacted the property’s rental and property values. A study by the FTTH Council Americas found that fiber-based broadband increases rental and property values in multiple dwelling units (MDUs) by 8 percent and 2.8 percent, respectively. The Levinson has also received positive feedback from residents, who appreciate the lightning-fast internet speeds and reliable connectivity. Shelby Bowen, President/Partner of Rebar Development, the company that developed The Levinson, praised the provider’s work, saying, “You guys have been an awesome partner and I’m glad we joined forces from the beginning. It will pay off for both of us, I’m certain.” Post-deployment, ORI offers comprehensive tech support for The Levinson’s residents with ORI Managed WiFi, allowing the property management team to focus on other responsibilities. Residents were provided with ORI’s tech support contact number for any assistance required.

Case Study Summary:

By partnering with ORI, a local fiber-optic internet service provider and installing a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network throughout the building, The Levinson was able to provide its residents with the best possible internet experience. The fiber-optic internet connection has positively impacted the property’s rental and property values and occupancy rates. The community has become a highly desirable place to live, thanks in part to its lightning-fast internet speeds and reliable connectivity.

The Solution


“…I really enjoyed fast internet from the first moment we walked in the door. Fast speeds too. The one time we had an issue with our WIFI router, it was great speaking with a local support agent who fixed it over the phone same day.”
Gabe P
Resident of Levinson