The Madison Lofts – Indianapolis, IND

Case Study: The Madison is a Fancy Loft Property With Many Amenities in a Prime Location—the Perfect Property, Except for Bad Internet from Legacy DSL.


Madison Lofts property sits in the thriving and vibrant neighborhood on the south side of Indianapolis. This community offers stylish, contemporary living spaces boasting features like exposed brick walls, vaulted ceilings, and large windows. Enjoy amenities like a fitness center, private courtyard, and gated parking. The prime location places you in the heart of Fountain Square, with access to vibrant local dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Experience a unique blend of historic character and modern convenience at Madison Lofts. The apartment community was built in 2015 with three stories, two buildings, and 69 units.


Although Madison Loft was built in 2015, it is in an older area on the south side of Indianapolis, characterized by outdated telecom infrastructure, including old copper wires. The building was initially wired using legacy DSL copper lines, which proved insufficient for its young, urbanite tenants who were accustomed to high-speed broadband. Consequently, the property was losing tenants due to the subpar DSL service provided by their ISP. ORI emerged as the winning bidder for upgrading Madison Loft’s infrastructure, enabling them to offer wireless broadband as a service to their residents.

Madison Loft recognizes the importance of robust WiFi connectivity for its young, urban residents who rely on the internet for browsing, social media, staying connected with loved ones, and entertainment purposes like gaming or streaming. However, despite paying considerable fees for their WiFi service, the residents faced slow speeds and signal disruptions, leading to mounting frustration.

The community consequently sought a reputable network provider capable of delivering high-quality WiFi service at a reasonable cost. Madison Loft aimed to collaborate with a provider who could enhance high-speed internet and ensure accessibility for tenants and guests throughout the property. As mentioned, ORI met Madison Loft’s expectations as the provider.

Even though the Madison Loft was built in 2015, the property was in an older area of the southside of Indianapolis where the telecom infrastructure was old copper wire. Their tenants were young urbanites who were used to having high-speed broadband. Additionally, the building was wired using legacy DSL copper lines. The property was losing tenants because the DSL service their tenants got from ISP needed to be better. ORI won the bid on upgrading their property infrastructure and allowing Madison Loft to offer wireless broadband as a service to their residents. creating 

Following a thorough site survey and assessment, we discovered that it was virtually impossible to do the Fiber Optic because the building was designated as historical, and we needed more on what we could do regarding wiring and upgrading the infrastructure. ORI decided on the fast and most economical approach to ensure high-speed WiFi connectivity that efficiently covers all areas within the property using Fixed Wireless Broadband.

ORI’s Solution:

Despite Madison Loft’s desire to upgrade its infrastructure and provide high-speed wireless broadband for its tenants, it had a budget and specific deadline to adhere to. ORI’s team identified Fixed Wireless Broadband as the most suitable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for the property.

Employing Fixed Wireless broadband with 802.11ac, or WiFi 5, presents a cutting-edge solution for high-speed internet access without the expense of traditional wired infrastructure. ORI installed a 1 Gigabyte Fixed Wireless connection to the main building and connected all the access points. Operating on the 5 GHz frequency band, this method ensures exceptional performance across various settings. Fixed Wireless broadband using 802.11ac delivers fast data transfer rates, increased network capacity, and reduced latency, making it perfect for seamless wireless connectivity required for video streaming and online gaming. With support for channel widths up to 160 MHz, this technology considerably enhances throughput compared to prior standards.

Regarding our constraint regarding the 21 Units at 504 Woodruff Place, the ORI project manager and network engineer decided to use Fixed Wireless Broadband as the best solution for the property. The scalability, fast deployment, and it was more economical for the owner made wireless broadband our choice of solution.

Utilizing Fixed Wireless broadband with 802.11ac, or WiFi 5, offers an innovative solution for high-speed internet connectivity without costly wired infrastructure. Operating on the 5 GHz frequency band, this approach delivers superior performance in various environments. Fixed Wireless broadband with 802.11ac enables rapid data transfer rates, enhanced network capacity, and reduced latency. It is ideal for seamless wireless connectivity applications, such as video streaming and online gaming. Supporting channel widths of up to 160 MHz, the technology significantly improves throughput compared to previous standards.  

The Results:

By transitioning from DSL to Fixed Wireless broadband utilizing 802.11ac, residents could relish a more robust and efficient internet experience, free from the restrictions and limitations of traditional wired solutions. The internet speed for Madison Loft residents increased from 10 Mbps DSL to 75 Mbps with ORI Fixed Wireless Broadband, enabling many tenants to enjoy streaming and various online entertainment options.

After implementation, ORI provides comprehensive tech support for Madison Loft’s residents through ORI Managed WiFi, allowing the property management team to concentrate on other duties. Residents were given ORI’s tech support contact number for any assistance needed.

By upgrading from DSL to Fixed Wireless broadband using 802.11ac, users can enjoy a more robust and high-performance internet experience, free from the limitations and constraints of traditional wired solutions. With ORI Fixed Wireless Broadband, the resident internet speed went from 1025Mbs DSL to 75Mbs. Many of the tenants at the property could enjoy streaming and doing Facetime with their grandkids.

Post-deployment, ORI offers comprehensive tech support for Woodruff’s residents with ORI Managed WiFi, allowing the property management team to focus on other responsibilities. Residents were provided with ORI’s tech support contact number for any assistance required.

Case Study Summary:

By collaborating with ORI, an MDU/HOA Internet Provider, Madison Loft prevented tenant loss and provided its residents with an enhanced internet experience. In doing so, the property owner not only retained existing residents but also increased the property’s value for the future