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T1 DSL is great, but it has it's limitation. One requirement of DSL is that your location must be within a certain distance of the phone company switch to qualify for the service. Although nearly 90% of Indianapolis Metro qualifies, there are still a number of spots that do not qualify for DSL services. This is where you can get an ORI T-1 business-grade Internet access 1.54 Mbps symmetrical, without having to worry about distance or technical limitations.

With ORI T-1 service, your business can now reap the benefits of affordable, symmetrical speed broadband connectivity without boundaries.


The ideal solution for customers that are too far to qualify for DSL Service or require additional bandwidth for their business needs. No Hidden telephone company fees or usage charges 1.54 Mbps speed. No distance or technical limitations. High-speed connection can be used for direct access to the Internet or broadband connectivity between multiple offices. Rapid, "Telco Standard" response time in the unlikely event of a line outage. Service that is "always-on" - no dial-ups, no busy signals, no dropped calls. One dedicated connection for the entire network of multiple users. Added bandwidth to enable the use of e-commerce initiatives and web-based business applications like payroll, accounting, inventory, and sales force management. Easy-to-provision static IP addresses available for multiple user networks. Server hosting available upon request.


Proactive 24x7 monitoring

The T-1 is the Cadillac of small and medium business Internet options, give us call today at (317) 774-2100 to discuss how an ORI.NET T-1 line can help streamline your business and actually save you money!

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